The Black Technology Mentorship Program

A mentor mentee program that inspires, educates, and brings underserved Black communities into technology.

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It is necessary for the survivability of technology itself, that every culture be afforded a part to play in this great build. Mentorship builds sustainable long-term success.

BTMP’s global platform creates space to fail, but not be a failure. Whether through speaking, educating, or advising, there’s a way for you to give back.

One person can make a difference. Commit to share best practices, offer support, and spark imagination about what’s possible within technology. Fulfill your desire to make an impact.

Become a Mentee

The way to begin. The way forward. From adolescence, teens and onward to adulthood; the approach to career and entrepreneurship path is long, necessary and enduring. Giving each Mentee an experienced Mentor to help along the way.

Our program is about educating Mentees and demonstrating new and advanced technologies that youth and adults can actualize, understand and know that they’re the builders of today and the future.


Build a career pipeline of talent that’s prepared for the evolution of industry 4.0 and emerging technologies.

Create environments where new entrepreneurs are inspired to contribute their complete working selves and are guided well

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During the time of COVID, we thought good enough wasn’t.

Our online education platform prepares mentees through self-paced learning, small group classes, and speaker sessions, offering a space to discover, explore, and master technical knowledge and leadership skills.

Pipelines offers career development – advising some to enter the workforce and others to pivot careers. While shipyards guides founders from ideation to growth and scale through a five phase program.



Cyber Security


Our Curriculum Focus

Hardware & Software Training

Robotic Training

Soft Skill Development

Pioneer Development

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

Research & Exploration

The world has changed and has never been so reliant on technical tools then it is today.

With BTMP we focus on teaching relevant, cutting edge skills that addresses the needs of today’s work environments.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Extended Reality

BTMP Shipyards

Shipyards, a program for startups.

We support future founders and entrepreneurs, by providing a variety of resources and guidance to start and run their new businesses.

The path to becoming a pioneer is filled with hurdles and steep learning curves.

Shipyards focuses on helping founders get the information they need to excel for lab to funding, lab to market processes in creating optimal teams and delivering products.


A series of five programs designed to maximize the viability of the startup path from inception to market scale.


A ten class introductory course on becoming an entrepreneurial pioneer and what it means to be one.


Our pre-filtration system that advises prospective startups on processes, needs, and documentation to minimize difficulties and mistakes common in the startup industry.


With our incubator partnerships, we help secure startups resources, funding, advisory, and experienced mentor guidance to build out your products in depth.


Our accelerator platforms provide startups with everything needed to finish the last mile to market.

Post Modern Mentorship

Even after going to market, startups often need a little extra support on marketing, advertising, and handling growth and scale. We provide access to advisors to continue building together.


Our Focus

Deliver coaching and mentoring support, so mentees are guided in the direction that best uses their strengths.
Create learning environments that encourage exploration and discovery which allows mentees to narrow down available career and entrepreneurship options before pursuing areas that don’t fit.
Prepare talent that is performance driven and has the necessary commitment and skills to work on dynamic product delivery teams.
Provide opportunities for engagement in team pilot projects and/or competitions to hone skills.
Provide mentor/mentee stipends and resources to ensure that typical barriers such as WiFi and hardware accessibility hardships are removed.
Create entrepreneurs of tomorrow in emerging tech through proper incubation and acceleration.

Organizational (Mentor) Training

To maintain leadership in technology, companies need to increase diverse impact. The benefits include a broader audience understanding, greater product identifiability, accessibility, enhanced ability to spot market gaps, and avoidance of cultural pitfalls.

BTMP’s training educates participants on how to remove barriers to innovation and welcome the benefits of diversity. The objective of our training is to teach the skills necessary to increase efficiency, communication, and overall satisfaction of your employees.

Change can be messy. We work with our partners to assess the cultural landscape, create a collaborative roadmap, and deliver training that fits your specific needs.

Ready to Work

Great technologists are hard to find and harder to keep.

BTMP talent undergoes a demanding process working through a development plan that is customized to see them succeed. Mentees gain abilities to reduce team friction and maximize collaboration. Technology needs people who are ready to hit the ground running.

We foster a drive in our mentees to run through the finish line, whether that is funding a new company or securing a new job.

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It’s never too late to start.

No one will do it for you. You must step on the path alone.

Though help is never too far away.